Monday, November 10, 2008

Oceans + Bubbles

Have you ever seen someone saber off a champagne cork? Me neither -- until last night. See the video below to watch this man (who was half in the bag, BTW) saber off the top of a Pommery bottle. It was amazing and -- in hindsight -- so totally dangerous. The sliced top of the bottle actually landed on Patty's chair. See for yourself as the crazy pony explains what happened...

Anyhoo, we had FUN last night at Araxi's Oceans + Bubbles party. On our way to the party in the cab, Patty and I joked that we hadn't left the house to go out at 10:00pm for ages. The party, which started at 10:30pm and went until sunrise (no doubt), was held at a wonderful restaurant known for its seafood and raw bar called Araxi. It's a sexy little spot we've eaten at before, but the Cornucopia Festival transformed it from intimate dinner spot to lavishly sexy champagne lounge with endless waiters serving spoonfuls of seared ahi and asparagus, skewered braised short ribs and an all-you-can-eat sushi bar where signature rolls kept on coming in mass quantity until you, too, turned into a little roll yourself. Wake up, little sushi, wake up.

It was delicious and superfun and we met lots of hipsters from all over. We'll be back for more Cornholing next year!

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