Saturday, November 8, 2008

Nudies, Foodies + Me

Cheers from Whistler's Cornucopia! Patty and I are up here in Whistler partaking in their annual Cornucopia Food and Wine Festival this week. We arrived to snow, a huge surprise since the forecast said rain on the valley floor. All the locals were thrilled as it was the first accumulation and the perfect welcome for us; the pine trees looked like they'd been dipped in powdered sugar as we crawled up the Sea to Sky highway.

Last night we attended out first events--the Ultra Lounge Reception and the Uber sexy Burlesque show. And YEOWZA! We were sorry we forgot our riding crops, as they sure would have come in handy at this party. Assolina and Bootiola would have been right at home as there were plenty of asses to slap--some clothed and some not--and so many crazy party animals dressed up and ready to tear up Whistler Village.

We snapped some pics at the event and for some reason I'm not really smiling in any of them--perhaps it was the oyster I just shot or the sunchoke bisque I just drank from a tiny ceramic shooter, or maybe these are just my sexy seductress eyes, but I was having a really fantastic time. Who wouldn't being surrounded by all the scantily clad ladies, including the hottest one of them all: Pattycake?

More to come after tonight's Ocean + Bubbles event at Araxi...

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