Thursday, November 6, 2008

Time to Celebrate

I admit it, I was depressed yesterday. The elation of the election of Barack Obama had faded and the reality that our civil rights are still being put up to popular vote and failing miserably had me down. I think it was a bit of PTSD from November 2004, when Oregon voters passed Measure 36, writing discrimination into our constitution. I was devasted. It lasted weeks.

But the truth is, we do have a lot to celebrate. Barack Obama is going to be the next president of the United States. We can look forward to a repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the Defense of Marriage Law and the passage of comprehensive non-discrimination legislation.

Not to mention getting out of the war in Iraq, re-establishing America as a force for good in the world, and ensuring that all Americans have healthcare. I feel proud once again to be an American. Thank you Alana and your son for the idea of having a party. Talking about it and planning has lifted my spirits up. We do have a lot to celebrate, even as we mourn our losses.

 Here's a sample of what we'll be serving at our party. If you were coming, what would you bring? 
  • Hope Muffins & Believe Biscuits
  • "Yes We Can" Crackers
  • Victory Vegetables
  • Swing Steak
  • Community Organizer Oreos
  • I have a dream puffs
  • Labatts Blue State Beer
  • "Not So" White House Wine

Rumored to appear: Rachel Maddow and the Obama's new puppy.


Anonymous said...

That's a real bummer about the California marriage vote. When will people be enlightened?
But Yay Obama. Gobama.

Alana Noel Voth said...

Dipstick & Lipstick,

I, too, was devestated by the news from California. I'm stunned, disappointed. Once my son said, "If you find someone you love then I think you're doing good so far and other people should know that and just be happy about it."


My kid.

Love him.

Listen, for the Obama party, don't forget the Barack of Lamb and Yes We Cantaloupe.


Peace to you both.

P.S. It's possible I spelled cantaloupe incorrectly.

Anonymous said...

Barack of Lamb? Yes we canteloupe?
Clever, but what are you trying to say?