Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Lucky Day in the Air

Flying can pretty much suck these days.  That's why it's easy to be grateful about little things. Like an empty seat next to you. Or an extra cookie in your snack box.  

Well, my sister hit the jackpot yesterday on her flight home from visiting me. She had former UConn All American, WNBA all-star and Olympic Gold Medalist Diana Taursi on her flight. 

Mary texted me to tell me. "Go say hi," I said. Mary said she was too shy. "How do you feel when people come up to you?" she asked.  Actually, I love it.

While they were waiting for their bags, I convinced Mary to go up and tell Diane Taursi that her sister was a big fan and to ask to take a picture for me. When the request is not for yourself, it's a lot easier to ask.

Mary went up to Diana and was glad she did. She said she was super nice and they talked basketball for a few minutes.  

Ah, if only it could have been me. 

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