Wednesday, January 21, 2009

L Word Premiere Recap

What a fun night Dipstick and I had emceeing and entertaining the crowd who'd gathered at the Bagdad Theater on Sunday. Thank you all for coming out to support HRC.

About 700 women showed up (it sold out once again) to ring in the final season of the L Word, a season opener which began with the shocking death of the wildly loathed Jenny Schecter (played by actor Mia Kershner). Collectively, we raised thousands of dollars for HRC.

We played some super fun games. The first: pin the pasties on Jennifer Beals. In the picture here, Lipstick is measuring how far the candy pasties were from her nipples. The second game we played was the dildo ring toss. Here, Dipstick is rooting on one of our contestants.

It was so much fun and we will truly miss our L Word sisters!

The photo below is with our photographer Maggie Parker. Our friend Carla Remey took it.

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