Saturday, February 20, 2010

Olympic Fevah :: Part Sept (these are French #s btw)

Me again, giving you your daily dose from the Olympic trenches...

Back in the Couv. In the afternoon yesterday--a glorious spring-like day--Pcake and I played tourist in our own city and went down to see the flame. You may have heard about the controversy surrounding (so to speak) the flame, cuz people were mad they couldn't get close enough. They had it encircled by Olympic covered fences and you could only see top of it and from far way. VANOC made some changes earlier last week (getting people closer, altering the fence and adding a viewing point) and people can get closer, but we were the real lucky ones: our beloved family member Pam works in the building adjacent to the flame and she let us up onto their atrium so we got an amazing bird’s eye view.

You Yankees might recognize some of the buildings and the rings in this slide show from NBC’s coverage in these photos. The building with slanted eaves and grass on the roof is where NBC and all the other million media affiliates are broadcasting from.

Women’s hockey tonight! Unfortunately, not USA or Canada, but a 7pm puck drop for Slovakia and Russia. We’ll still be there with bells on!

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