Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Pride

Go Slovakia! Errr. Go Russia! Go dykey athletes!!!!

Another afternoon/evening of fun was had yesterday. Olympic-wise, we started downtown at the Pride House (Whistler's sister, where we watched the opening ceremony). Andre (who is a doll and pictured below) with Pride House asked Dipster and I to stop by, and because I was the only one north of the border, I rolled in (with Pcake on my arm) yesterday afternoon--a beautiful, sunny afternoon I might add. Andre blogged about it yesterday.

We met some really cool people there: Ginger, MaryAnn, the Professor, Lovie, and Skipper. Just kidding. (One of the great women we met was Ginger and I just wanted to pay homage to Gilligan's Island.) Ginger and her partner, Kelly (pictured here together with yours truly), had come up for the games from Seattle. Super cool women. Their friends Maria and Jenna were also kickin' it at the Pride House, watching some downhill skiing. The Qmunity Director, Jennifer, also popped in to say hello. Kelly and Ginger just so happened to have a Curve Magazine with them, so we had a good laugh together and took some fun photos. Thanks ladies! Hope you enjoyed the hockey game!

Pcake and I then ventured out into the wild Olympic abandon and made our way to UBC's Thunderbird Arena for some women's hockey. Russia VS. Slovakia. Both teams were evenly matched and it was a great game. In the end, Russia beat Slovakia 4-2. There were many things I loved about going to see women's Olympic hockey, but one of the big things was that every single person on the ice was female, even the refs, and you could feel the estrogen reverberating off the ice like the beat of a base drum. The female heartbeat was alive! Also, we enjoyed all the many many many lezzies in the crowd rooting on our Slavic and Russian sisters.

We ended the night with a bang: fireworks! Every night at David Lam Park--Live City Yaletown--they do a huge music show and then end it with amazing fireworks. We hung out with Patty's family and watched the show from a perfect vantage point: the 25th floor of a condo in Yaletown. Not a bad view! You could almost feel the heat from the explosions.

Beyond the impressive pyrotechnics, there was one really cool element to the celebration that inspired me. The photo slide show played off the water's spray. It's hard to see in photo and the video, but those sprays of water had images of Winter Olympic athletes playing on them. Click on image below to see up close. Super cool!


Unknown said...

I encourage everyone to drop by the Whistler Olympic Pride house. I just interviewed Dean Nelson, the executive director of Pride House the other day. See it here and then take a virtual walk around pride house and Whister at

Kelly B. said...

Hey there Lipstick! It was great meeting you and PCake at Pride House on Saturday! Be sure to stop by the Aboriginal Artisan Village at Vancouver Community College while the festivities are still going on.