Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Fever :: Part Cing

Woa! Things are really ramping up here in Vancouver and Whistler. We had to buzz back to Vancouver earlier this week to get some bizness done and celebrate a friend's birthday, but arrived back in Whistler last night to an engulfing Olympic spirit.

After some sushi, Pcake and I cruised the Village and were swept away by the Olympic energy that has swelled here in Whistler! We just missed the medals ceremony where Lindsay Vonn received her medal, but arrived to Celebreation Plaza for the party afterwards. The "world" spirit is so fabulous and fascinating! Being surrounded by so many people from all over the world so excited to be alive is at times moving. Pcake and I both felt that last night here in Whistler. The photos don't do any justice (as usual), but we had such fun!

Before we arrived, we stopped in downtown Vancouver at Robson Square to see our good friend Bonnie Ste. Croix perform for the Olympics. If you don't know Bonnie, you SHOULD! Her voice is like delicious spoonful of warm caramel--mmmm mmmm good. She sang a set and the crowd loved her! After the show, as we were just hanging out, gold medalist Maelle Ricker walked by with her Vancouver PD security detail on her way to a TV interview. She stopped and waved at our little crowd. She ROCKED the snowboard cross two days ago!

We're just getting ready now to leave for today's women's downhill, which gave Lindsay Vonn a gold medal and most of the other women many bruises. We couldn't believe all the spills--they were so hard to watch. Rumor has it they've made some changes to the course overnight, so here's hoping no one gets hurt today. More to come later...

Go Canada! Go USA!

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poker affiliate said...

Lindsay has had to deal with many obstacles, and it was great to see her triumph despite her lingering injuries