Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Fever :: Part Six

Where do I even begin??? The women's downhill combined event yesterday was an absolutely amazing experience--one of the most exhilarating times in my life. it's hard to put words around the energy at these Olympic games and all the wisps of activity swirling around them. It's just so palpable.

By now, you know Olympic darling Lindsey Vonn crashed at the end of her run yesterday, so no spoilers here. Most everyone else skiied amazing and the sun was so high and bright, keeping us all warm thorughout the morning and into the afternoon. After the medals ceremony, we waited to around and got to meet and greet some of the USA Olympic team. Kaylin Richardson was SOOO nice and even jumped the fence to get a photo with us. We waited for Lindsey, too, and we finally got our moment with her. She signed Pcake's ticket and was also so gracious and sweet, despite having just spilled down the mountain and been disqualified from the event. She is SUPER sexy. MEOW!

Hope you enjoy the slideshow; there were so many photos I had to create an online album.

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Nohodyke said...

I am so enjoying your posts! Awesome photos! Thanks for taking the time to share!