Sunday, July 6, 2008

Independence Day!

You remember Minx, right? One of Lipstick's best friends. Well, today, she took a very brave step--something that, to her, represented Independence (just like Dip's bike years ago): The bitch got her nose pierced.

Okay, let me back up. In case you don't know, you need to understand who Minx is... She is a 5' 10" minx with legs that go on forever. She's a former model. A former equestrian. A marathon shopper. A fashion extraordinaire. A shoe whore. A head turner. A heart breaker. A Legs Malone (did that one whip right past you?). A Playboy Bunny (see photos of her with Hugh Hefner.). A Doll...

Anyway, my point is...she is the last person you'd think would want to go get her beautiful nose pierced. But there she was today in the infamous chair, tilted backwards, her eyes watering, her nose in position--rearing to go!

God bless that bitch. Pattycake and I stood by watching, wavering between cheers and gasps, doing our best to hold her hand and keep the tears back. But that beautiful bitch held her own and within minutes, the piercing artist--Blue (everything in her room was blue)--had the deed done, adorning her model face with a diamond stud. See photos below.

We love you Minx. Way to go! Congrats on spreading your gazelle legs (I mean nostrils)!

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