Sunday, July 27, 2008

Lightin' it Up in Vancouver, BC

I've been spending some time up here in Vancouver, BC lately and have been enjoying the city immensely. Last week, I got to take in my first Symphony of Fire, which is a battle of the countries (different from the wars fought on on the ground). Instead of with guns and bombs, the countries battle it out in the skies over Vancouver with fireworks. It's a pyro-war. Who can put together the most amazing display, using the most innovative and cutting edge crack boom fireworks?

In tandem with the fire show, a symphony plays music, which is broadcast across the entire city on a rock station 101.1 FM, that goes along with the beautimus explosions.

Canada went first this year (see video below). USA went last night and China goes on this coming Wednesday. The finale takes place on Saturday, where a country is crowned winner. If you're in the area or in the Pacific Northwest, head north and come check out the shows! They're amazing! The whole city shuts down for them.

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Anonymous said...

Those were awesome! (a bit like the July 4th ones in Boston set to music, but better.)