Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lindsay + Samantha = Uhaul

In light of this recent post, does Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson's time spent in NYC sway your vote?

You can read the whole article here, but People Magazine is reporting the new lezfest was: "Holding hands and gazing into each other eyes, the couple dined in a cozy, candlelit corner table at Gemma late Monday evening. The two looked quite happy, sitting next to each other as they chatted and laughed in a dark corner..."

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* photo from People Magazine (Photo by: FREDDY BAEZ / RAMEY PHOTO)


Anonymous said...

Wait -

who is this Lindsay Lohan character?

And why do people care?

Anonymous said...

She's an actor, and it's just fun to guess.

Anonymous said...

You must not lift your eyes in line at the grocery store if you haven't heard of her--her name is on every gossip magazine.

Anonymous said...

whew. thank goodness for hippie co-ops where I read about the latest in eco-friendly grocery bags.

wasn't she a singer like ten years ago? or is that mandy moore i'm thinking about?

oh, i'm so confused.

Anonymous said...

In case anyone's interested: Lindsay Lohan played the daughter in "Freaky Friday" (with Jamie Lee Curtis), very funny movie. She's a 22-year old? actress who I guess has been in some rehab, which Hollywood loves to make a fuss over. As a 49-year old semi-hippy I don't really follow her travails too closely, but I have a side to me that loves to check in on what's going on in Hollywood. OK, I'm coming clean.
I think they're probably in a romance. But with cameras following them all the time, THEY may not even know what's true and what isn't :-)

Alana Noel Voth said...

I think Sam and Lindsey make a super hot couple. And I wish them the best, and hope thier bond is sincere and soulful. :-)