Friday, July 25, 2008

Is Lindsay Lohan Gay?

That was the cover of some trashy magazine I saw on the newsstands yesterday. Of course, it caught my eye. It's interesting what's going on here with Lindsey Lohan and this lezzie DJ Samantha Ronson. For months now, the two have been spotted holding hands and making out all over the world, yet no one has really made a big stink about it. And the love birds don't really seem to hiding it either, although her mother has adamantly said: "They're just friends."

These pics of them smoochin' were taken by paparazzi with big cameras while the lezzie lovefest was off shore on P Diddy's yacht.

Is the media being paid off by her family to bury the story? Do people think she's just a LUG and that it's just a phase? Is no one taking her seriously? Still, why isn't it a bigger story? Is it a positive sign that being gay isn't really breaking news anymore? (I'm hoping it's the latter.)

I don't know about you, but I don't hold hands with my "friends" on a regular basis or go sticking my tongue in "friends" mouths (well, unless it's Pride and I'm drinking tequila, then I might, but whatev...).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dip this weekend I actually saw her mom on E or something and she said, her daughter is happy and in a heathly thing and she has no complaints about it. So I took that as positive. JP ;)

Anonymous said...

oopss sorry Lip, too quick on the typing.

Anonymous said...

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