Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Big Confession

So, I've been in the closet about this for some time, but now I feel that it's important to come out about it. I've been ashamed of this for years and have only confided in a few close friends. Dipstick's known for some time now and has been a good friend, keeping her lips locked about it and I appreciate that. Thanks Dip. But now it's time to tell you all about something from my past:

I was the president of the Teenage Republicans club in high school and I like to shoot guns.

There, I've said it. It's out and I feel much better. Now we can make fun of me...

These pictures, taken last weekend at my parents ranch in Montana (, are evidence of me sliding back into my old behaviors (the only one of which I still struggle with). I'm a card carrying liberal now, but the damn NRA could use this as ammo, I suppose, for something. Maybe a counter attack against some lezzie anit-gun campaign. Surely a group of dykes has gotten together and tried to figure out a way to bring the NRA (and the second amendment) down.

While I fully appreciate all the cons of guns and the horrible things they can do, I still love the feel of it kicking me in the arm as I blow to bits a clay pigeon (see the above shot of me taking one my dad winged into the sky out with a 22 rifle). I have a pretty good eye. The one below is of Pattycake, who is from Vancouver, BC and had never shot a gun in her life. She was an eagle eye, too, and took out a number of clay pigeons. She's against guns (don't you have to be if you live in Canada?), but got that twinkle in her eye when my dad said, "Patty, do you want to shoot one?" After her fist shot, she never put the gun down; well, not until it was too late and too dark to shoot any more trap.


Anonymous said...

Alright, let's hear it for honesty! I'm glad you switched parties, though.

Anonymous said...

Lipstick, you have given me courage to admit that I too love to shoot guns. Though I don't (and probably won't) own one, my fondest memories revolve around target shooting with my dad or going to the firing range with my youth group. I haven't shot a gun in years and have to admit I sort of miss it. This post inspires me to add going to a range to my 43 things list. (

PS. The Repubs could never ever claim me. My socialist hippy self couldn't fit in a log cabin.