Friday, June 26, 2009

Maxwell Rocks the House

Well, technically, Maxwell actually "grooved" the house, who was on their feet for many of his sexy soulful ballads. I surprised Patty with tickets to our favorite neo-soul lyrical love hound earlier this week.

Born Maxwell Rivera, "Maxwell" was awesome Wed night as he old favorites like "Til the Cops Come Knockin'" and "Sumthin Sumthin", while also mixing it up with new tunes from his new trilogy of music, set to drop 7/7/09.

For years, rumors have swirled about Maxwell's sexuality. He has been MIA from the music scene for the last seven years and--again the rumor mill reports--it's because his new songs were loaded with gay lovin' and his primary fan base is women, and very straight women who want to tear his clothes off. I can report, now after seeing him in person, that I do in fact believe he plays for our team. Gaydar a dingin'.

Another fantastic part of the night was his opening act: Laura Izibor. I'd never heard of her and damn was she amazing. I took the little video before getting busted by the security, but it wasn't very good, so head to her website to see one. If you like Alicia Keys, be sure to check out her out on iTunes. I did manage to snap a shot at he end of the band.

I also tried to sneak one of Maxwell while he sang "Til the Cops Come Knockin'" but it was awful, too, and only seven seconds. I embedded his video of that song below.

To find tour dates in the US, check Maxwell's MySpace.


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Adriana said...

I love Maxwell rocks!! i hope i see guys there and lets groovin...