Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Pride

In case you're in need of advice for this Pride season, Lipstick & Dipstick have compiled some tips to help you navigate the rainbow waters.

You can watch it at or get a looksy loo here. That reminds me, I never posted Part Two of Carla's Hunt for a Girlfriend. It's below, too.


Eileen said...

Good luck Carla!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pride Vlog! And the rainbowmittens! I thought you lost those at the last yankee swap. Glad they are still around.


Sandy B. said...

That Lezbot #1 is super hot!

Sandy B. said...

Just watched the Pride vlog - too late for me this year, but I learned my lesson with my own too fashionable shoes. Fashion AND function is the key for me for next year. But, Lip, where did you get your haute leopard print sandals? Sups cutes!