Saturday, June 6, 2009

Portland Rose Festival Parade

Normally I avoid anything having to do with Rose Festival. But once every five years or so, I get it in my head that I should ride my bike down to the Rose Quarter and check out the parade.  Each time I do, I am reminded why I stay away.  The parade is really boring.  It's nothing at all like Gay Pride, where people are outrageous and flamboyant and disco music is pumping.  

Instead, it's just a bunch of teenage blonde rodeo clones on horses, perky high school girls in gowns practicing their princess wave and creepy clown posses scaring the little children.  Sure, some of the floats are pretty, but all I can think about is the wasted resources.

This year I took my camera and thought I'd take a few shots for the blog.  The most interesting thing was when this car, carrying a 1959 Rose Princess, broke down and people had to jump in from the sidelines to push it out of the way.  As you can see, they got it fixed and eventually pulled back into the parade route.

Other than the broken down car, the only other thing that really caught my eye was the cute female cops. I hope you enjoy looking at them.  Maybe they'll be around next weekend for gay pride too.  


Eileen said...

Sounds like a training ground for the Miss America pageant.

e said...

Where's our favorite cop, Katie?

Dipstick said...

I didn't see Katie Potter at the Rose Parade, but hopefully we'll see her this weekend at Gay Pride.

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