Sunday, February 14, 2010

Olympic Fever :: Part Trois

How about those Opening Ceremonies?! We were blown away up here and so proud of the amazing job VANOC did. Aside from that one little phallic glitch (Patty said the fourth caldron needed viagra), it was absolutely stunning! My favorite parts included: the whales swimming in the floor, the mountains and the red skiers, the little boy who flew through the prairies, Sarah McLachlan's beautiful song and the special effects, the Anne Murray cameo and--of course--the barefoot dyke who brought down the house: kd lang singing Hallelujah.

In case you missed kd's song, enjoy a very similar rendition below...

Every big country up here has a host "House" for people to visit and for their people to hang out in. We visited the "Swiss House" a couple days ago (they're serving up bratwursts and bier) and on Friday we hung out in the "Pride House," hosted by It was a great space and was very warm and welcoming, a place for the LGBT athletes and visitors to take a load off, have a drink, eat and just chill. The bronze pictured here is called "Slapashotolus," inspired by the famous discus bronze. Classic!

The women's downhill alpine was postponed today. Good news for America's sweetheart Lindsay Vonn, bad news for us--we had tickets. It was rescheduled for Thursday. We also scored women's hockey tickets for Saturday--a playoff game, teams TBD. Very excited for that! Those bitches play just as hard as the dudes! Canada beat Slovakia yesterday 18-0. Ouch.

More soon....

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