Monday, February 11, 2008

The Book is Officially Launched and Sailing...

Dipstick and I had a great time last night at our official book release party. Thanks to all who came, laughed and particpated. A very warm thank you to our friend and beloved folk singer, Ashleigh Flynn, who performed amazingly to the crowd before we went on stage with the Rose City Sirens and worked the hell out of our book. We heart you Ash. And we heart you Sirens!

For me, the highlight may have been when Sterling (aka Delilia Sin) wrapped her bra around my neck on stage in only her black panties and pasties. Wish I had a picture of that! And I'm sure you do, too. Also, when I was crammed into the photo booth with Delila Sin + Savvy Danger (two lezzies from the burlesque troupe - see photo). More photos to come from our photographer, Maggie Parker (who is single, fyi; you can find her contact info on our website: sends them over.

The top photo is of Dip and I with our stellar manager, Tina Hoogs, who not only gets us great gigs, but also is a wonderful friend. And she hits a mean tennis ball. The bitch beat me last time we played (barely) and we're toying with the idea of entering the Gay Games (Cologne 2010) as doubles partners. Can you say cute little tennis skirts?

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