Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Greetings from Whistler

Dipstick and I arrived on Sunday night here in Whistler and it's absolutely gorgeous! After watching the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl and drinking a couple "sleeves" of beer, we headed to the Winter Pride Welcome Party reception, where we hung out with old-chum-daredevil Missy Giove, who's here to lead brave women on skiing adventures. Lipstick wrote a cover feature on Missy years ago for Girlfriends magazine (see photo).

The next morning, Dip and I got up early and hit the road again. We rented a dyke mobile and headed down to Vancouver (2.5 hours) for a TV interview at Shaw TV. The show was called Urban Rush and we spent the early afternoon at their studios. We don't yet have a copy of the interview, but we were able to video it in our hotel room later that afternoon when it first aired. The quality is crappy, but you get the idea. The hosts--Micheal Eckford and Fiona Forbes--were fun and fabulous (see photo). The video is at the bottom of this blog.

Later that night, after we cruised Robson and Davies Street, we headed to Little Sisters Bookstore where we did a reading. About 15 dykes showed up. (thanks ladies!!). Sarah and Barb were brave enough to volunteer (well, Barb didn't volunteer, she was recruited) for our Lesbian IQ Quiz and they both did pretty well. After the reading, we had drinks with Mette Bach, a fellow columnist who we used to write side-by-side with when our column was nationally syndicated. She was charming and delightful as we ate peanuts and drank Canadian beer.

We just arrived back at Whistler and I'm headed to the slopes right now! Thank you Winter Pride for inviting us out to Whistler! We love it here.

Lip & Dip


Anonymous said...

Very cool interview! I have to agree with "Lip" on the internet cheating. Sing it sister! :) Hope all is well with both of you. Great to catch up on your blog.

Have fun in Whistler!

~Elizabeth @ Nike

Anonymous said...

Great interview! And Dipstick- awesome haircut! Love it!


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