Thursday, February 7, 2008

Whistler Day 3

Um, I just left Texas a message to sell the house, catch the cats and get here with our stuff immediately. I couldn't love this town any more. What an amazing adventure Whistler has been for the last few days, full of wonderfully exciting (and surprising) sights and people. This picture to the right was something I happened upon when I was skiing down my last run yesterday. Only in Whistler would you just ski past two homos playing with a huge rainbow flag in freezing temperatures.

The people I met this week have left an indelible impression, specifically Ingrid + Alex from Whistler, Mak, Cindy, Kath, Amy + Lisa from Whistler, Cheri + Carol from Seattle, Diane + Karen from Bainbridge Island (see you soon!), Missy Giove + her girl Salina, Jana + Winkie from Alabama (see pic of Lipstick in a "Bamawich" below) , Dawn + Crystal, Lynn + Heather from Boston, and my biatch Patty (as well as those that amused and tormented us at the Fairmont lobby bar). Many of those mentioned are pictured here.

Day three was the best day. In the morning, I skied with Ingrid + Alex and a gaggle of lesbians before lunch. Ingrid (pictured in blue coat) is a ski instructor at Whistler and took me on a wild adventure through the trees....only, she didn't mean for me to follow. Lipstick had no business in such deep snow or on such a cliff. The picture to the left is actually me stuck in the snow during that little wooded adventure. Notice you can't see my skis...they're buried so deep I had to dig them out before I could get going again. (Note to self: snow in panties sucks.)

After a big dyke lunch at the top of the mountain (see photo), I hit the slopes solo. Just me and my iPod and the powder. I filmed this little video on my way down to the jacuzzi.

After melting into a puddle, I pulled myself together and headed to the daily "Apres" (see photos). Good times for sure during the afternoon happy hours when we gather to laugh at our falls, plan our nights and (for those who are single) cruise for a date.

My new favorite friend, Patty, and I got into trouble at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler later that evening, when we stopped in for "a drink" and ended up closing the place down. (Note to self: high altitude makes me crazy and uninhibited. Oh yeah, and when a drunk guy at the bar is hitting on you, telling him you're a lesbian is *not* always the smartest way to get rid of him.)

I could really go on and on, but I'll just say it was a wonderful whirlwind, full of delicious discovery, lots of laughter and a bit of sadness now that I'm leaving.

Goodbye Whistler, until next time. And trust me, there definitely will be a next time.


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