Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Whistler Day 2

After an amazing day in Vancouver, Lipstick and I woke up at the crack of something to try and beat the weather and get our car back before we were charged for an extra day. Lipstick did a stellar job driving up the mountain in a blinding snowstorm. The Melissa Etheridge soundtrack helped.

The snow was beautiful, falling in big feathery flakes. While Lipstick strapped on her skis and bounded through moguls and mounds, I took a beautiful hike through the woods. (See pictures.)

We met up for the Women's Apres, which doesn't mean happy hour, Lipstick, it means "after" as in "after skiing, we all meet at the bar and get drunk." Oh, I guess it does mean happy hour.  There we met some fun women, like Lee Ann from Portland who is a lawyer/basketball player and Dawn from BC who is in the airforce and flies jets and helicopters. Missy Giove showed up with her lovely wife Selena and bought us all a round of drinks. 

Finally it was on to the main event. The reason we came to Whistler in the first place, our reading/performance at Solarice Spa, owned by adorable couple Lisa and Amy, lesbian moms from Whistler. Ingrid and Alex, Winter Pride volunteers, were the perfect hosts. 

Lipstick and I read a bit from our book, elicited a few laughs and didn't realize how competitive these Canadian women are. It turned into an all out war between Alex and Diane in the lesbian trivia contest.  We took questions from the audience, even solving one woman's problem with a straight co-worker who is in love with her. (Stop sleeping with her might be the first step-- straight women just can't resist lesbian loving.)

 Poor Lipstick, if she is asked one more time by a lesbian if she is really a dyke, I think she'll crack.  Unfortunately we don't have any photos of the event, so you'll just have to come next year and see us. We sure hope we get invited back!

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