Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Return to the Real World

Don't you hate it when you realize that life has totally taken over your life? Work, obligations, lists of things to do, etc. Well, we woke up Sunday morning and decided to reconnect with nature in the Columbia River Gorge. For those of you who've never been to or heard of the Gorge, the overwhelmingly beautiful corridor runs along the Oregon/Washington border. The magnificent Columbia River continues to cut through the mountains on its way to the ocean.

We hiked the Triple Falls Trail and, while I'm a regular runner and exerciser, my hips and calves are giving me a shout out this morning. I can't quite tell if they're thanking or cursing me. As the day progresses, I'll know.

We snapped this pic along the Oneata creek with one of her falls in the background. If you haven't connected with nature in a while, go surround yourself with ferns, with moss, with animals that you personally aren't feeding and grass you don't have to mow.

Yahoo Dipstick & Tiger!!!!! Congrats!

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