Thursday, February 14, 2008

Question :: Bewitched, Bewildered & Bi

Dear Lipstick & Dipstick:

I’ve recently realized that I’m bisexual, but I'm not sure how to make my first move on Liza, a woman I have a crush on. Most people in my life think I’m straight because I’ve always dated guys. I don't want to make a big deal, I just want to start dating a woman and people will get the picture. So, how do I suavely let this woman know I’m bisexual? How do I let her know I’m genuinely interested? I try to flirt, but I'm not sure it’s clear because we’re friends and I’m flirtatious with everyone. Should I make the move? I'm confused. We get along really well and I respect her, plus I am extremely sexually attracted to her. Help! Bewitched, Bewildered & Bi

Dipstick: How to pick up women 101. Start small. Tell her you’ve been thinking about her, you saw something she’d look sexy in (or out of). Bring her little gifts like a muffin from her favorite bakery. No flowers or candy yet. Compliment her outfit or hair. Every gal loves to hear she looks good! Touch her when you’re talking. Gently put your hand on her shoulder or if you’re bold, her thigh. See how she reacts. Does she pull away or get closer? Send her an email saying how much you enjoyed your time together and ask her if she wants to do it again. When she says yes, get her nice and drunk and take advantage of her.

Lipstick: Forget starting with subtleties and move in right away! Liza wants you to want her, B3. If you’re feeling any love at all from this woman, then odds are she’s interested, but hasn’t considered making a pass because, BINGO, she thinks you’re straight! If Liza’s read any of our past columns, she knows better than to go for the hetero—that’s a homo-no-no. By you coming on to Liza, a woman that’s a branded scissor kisser, you have far less to lose than her brazenly hitting on you. Think about it. All you have to face is mild rejection. What she’s facing is a catastrophic dating-faux pas. Ask her out, Newbie, and then there’ll be no more confusion!

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