Friday, March 21, 2008

It all Begins this weekend

This weekend is the start of the Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournament. I’ll be in front of the TV all weekend checking out the early round games. I can’t tell you how excited I was on our book tour earlier this month, that I got to see Stanford play in the Pac 10 tournament. Here’s a video of them warming up.

I would love to see Rutgers go all the way this year. I just started to read Coach C. Vivian Stringer’s memoir Standing Tall. That woman has been through so much and has done so much for so many young women. She’s a modern-day hero. And I’m not even mentioning the whole Don Imus thing. That had me sick for days.

Any other basketball freaks out there? Who are your favorite teams? Favorite players?
I’ve always been a Tennessee fan, but they won last year, so now it’s someone else’s turn. But not Connecticut. I did mention I was a Tennessee fan, right?

I want Rutgers to go all the way. But I also like LSU and of course, Stanford. But tournament time is crazy time. You never know what might happen. What are your predictions?

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