Monday, March 10, 2008

Santa Cruz Lezbots Rock

Thanks Santa Cruz for showing us the love last night by coming out to our reading at Bookshop Santa Cruz in California. What a great turnout (about 30 peeps) and the Q & A was the longest one we've had with some really great questions (you anarchists, you).

A special shout out to George with the Bookshop and her partner of 21 years (we told them they should write the next relationship guide!) Ellen. Also, Diana and her sexy, sassy bitches (all pictured with our book) for coming out even though our reading interfered with the L Word (note to self: BAD PLANNING on our part). Despite the run-in with Shane, Bette and Ilene Chaiken, the crowd was great.

Two very special guests were in the audience: My brother--aka The Swami in the book--and his wife, Lanie. We're staying with them while we're here in Santa Cruz and I think the reading was very eye-opening for my brother. While he laughed a lot (we are have the same sense of humor and even though we were born 3.5 years apart, we are convinced we are twins), he probably learned more about his little sister than he ever wanted to know. We read the chapter: Dip Me in Honey and Throw Me to the Lesbians.

That said, he is always such a great sport and Lanie, too, is such an ally. In their wedding years ago, there were more lesbians standing up on her side as bridesmaids than breeders!

Straight allies are the best!

I love you, B + L!

PS: We went to this great place in downtown Santa Cruz after for dinner and wine. Check it out: Soif

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