Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lipstick & Dipstick's Secret Club

We love our publicist Deborah Brosseau of Spinner PR. One of the things she's been able to do for us is to break into mainstream straight media. Here's the latest example of that. We did an interview with The Staten Island Advance. The straight press is so fun, because you never know what kind of things they're going to focus on.  In this interview, she was kind of freaked out by the "The Out of Town rule."  She rolled with it, though. 

"Lipstick" and "Dipstick" offer lesbians advice

Columnists release their first book on relationship issues gay women specifically face

Tuesday, March 18, 2008
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- When Gina Daggett shed her identity as a heterosexual to lead a homosexual lifestyle, there was a lot for her to learn about the lesbian community.

"It's like a secret club you have to break into," she said, noting it took her some time to do so.
"We do have a culture uniquely our own," agreed Kathy Belge. "From the inside jokes down to the cultural events we attend," it's a terrain "the outside world doesn't know about."

Their new book, "Lipstick & Dipstick's Essential Guide To Lesbian Relationships" (Alyson Books, 2007), offers a glimpse into this world. Intended to help gay women navigate the relationship issues that often crop up, from first date to lifelong commitment, the book grew out of the women's punchy "Lipstick & Dipstick" column, which appears in Curve magazine...

"Sometimes it's harder to have successful [lesbian] relationships," Ms. Belge said, noting some roadblocks are unique to the gay community -- with a big one being, the marriage issue.

"That we can't get married does affect our relationships," she said, noting many lesbians -- and gay men -- do not feel motivated to stay together for the long haul when making the "'til death do us part" vow is not a legal option for them in most states.

"Since we can't get married, it gives us more freedom on how we can be in our relationships," Ms. Belge said, adding, "We make up our own rules."

One of those rules, as described in the book, is the "out-of-town rule" in which some couples agree they can hook up with other women when traveling separately. But, Ms. Belge stressed, this open approach is not for everyone.

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