Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lesbian Easter Eggs

I’m sure you all have them. The friends you can count on to throw a really good party. It doesn’t matter what the occasion. Whether it’s a Superbowl bash or card night, you know when you go to these gals’ house, you’re going to have a good time. In my group, those friends are Dionne and Tracy.

So, when I got an invite to an Easter Egg Decorating Party, something I normally would never do, I accepted. Tracy spent hours gluing sequins and cotton balls to make a Ladybug Egg. Dawn decorated an egg for everyone who would be at her L Word party tonight. Dionne tie-dyed half a dozen ova. And Andrea proved that she had years of experience with nieces and nephews putting the color on the egg.

As sometimes happens at parties, things got ugly as the night wore on and the drink flowed. There was a controversial incident when Tracy reached for the glue and “accidentally” knocked over Robin’s dog egg. A full crime scene investigation ensued, complete with chalk outline. We’re still waiting the detective’s report.

Photos by D. Fox

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