Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Slug Love to UCSC

The mascot for UC Santa Cruz is the Banana Slug. I'm not sure how that came to be, but I can tell you those queer kids at the Cantu Queer Center are no slugs! Last night Lipstick & I put on an interactive workshop called "The Pitfalls of Lesbian Dating" for the many lesbians and handful of guys who hang out at Cantu, one of the coolest LGBT centers we have ever visited.

Julia Schwab, did an amazing job of organizing the event. Julia started LIPZ this Fall when she realized that while there was plenty of support groups for women and lesbians on campus, there was no fun social group. Seeing a void, she decided to fill it. Our talk was the kick off event for this quarter.

Like most lesbians, we learned that the queer girls at UCSC struggle with how to deal with ex-lovers--especially in a small community. A few exes were sitting across the room from one another.  

And we discovered that college age dykes, like us seasoned lesbians, are often quick to jump to the L Word. Saying, "I love you," much too soon. 

But most of all, we shared and laughed and  learned a lot from one another. Thanks UCSC for inviting Lipstick & Dipstick to your campus. 

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