Saturday, March 15, 2008

What it's All About

For the last week, you've been hearing all about our book tour in the Bay Area. We've talked about each reading and event and shared photos of the many wonderful people we've met. What you haven't had too much of--save Dipstick's Seen and Heard in Santa Cruz--is what's happening behind-the-scenes.

When we were in Santa Cruz, we stayed with my brother (aka The Swami in our book) and his family: his wife Lanie and their son/my godson Calvin. If you've been reading our blog for awhile, you know who Calvin the Clairvoyant is because he is one of my most PRIZED possessions. While the time we spent together was short--just three days--Calvin and I bonded in a way we haven't before, in a way that nearly brought me to my knees when we had to say goodbye.

You see, Calvin isn't like other kids. He is the oldest soul I've ever seen trapped in a three-year-old's body. While we were visiting, Calvin got a haircut, he and I opened a "custom monster truck shop," we went for a hike, hung out in downtown Santa Cruz, went to the toy shop, had Thai food, had Hawaiian food, drank wine (well, he had Martinelli's), took baths (that was him) and we laughed A LOT. Here are some shots of our time together...

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