Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas with the Dipsticks

Well, I didn't make a fancy video, but the Dipstick clan had an amazing Christmas too. My twin sister Mary and her girlfriend Meg came into town on Christmas Eve in what Tiger calls "The Christmas Miracle" because the weather was so bad and the airport was closed for days.We had a great dinner with Tiger's brother and sister-in-law and then opened presents from her Mom, which was the Tiger family tradition.

Christmas day we relaxed, spent hours on the phone with family and far away friends and then had 17 lesbians, two gay men and one bisexual for the annual Dipstick & Tiger Christmas dinner/white elephant gift exchange.  
We had to borrow tables, chairs and plates from neighbors to fit everyone around the table. The ham was good,  and we also had Christmas crackers, but the highlight was the yankee swap gift exchange. 

If you don't know what a yankee swap is, it's where people go through their closets and find the craziest, crappiest stuff that they can't stand to look at, wrap it all nice and then you and your friends fight over it.

The hit of yankee swap this year was the "Rejuvenique" mask, which is supposed to make you look 20 again. I tried to win it, but of course the fags won out. To console myself, I found this video on youtube.


Lipstick said...

What in Sam Hell is that??? Frickin' hilarious! What I want to know is who had that lying around in their closet???

Sandy B. said...

Ahem - I counted TWO bisexuals present!