Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tofino, Canada!


What an amazing birthday I am having! Patty has whisked me away to Tofino, BC to stay at the Wickanninish Inn. The hotel is right on the turbulent Pacific Ocean and breathtaking. (Earlier this week, I knew she was taking me somewhere--she'd let me know that much---but had no idea where.)

This place is beautiful! Seriously amazing. The little video below is from the road from Nainimo, where the ferry docked from Vancouver. Also, the pic of me in my red vest was taken on the ferry deck. If you look closely, you can see the Vancouver city center.

The other photos oozing relaxation and zen were taken while we were waiting for our Sacred Seas massage. Foot soak, salt scrub, jetted tub soak, full body massage. *Double sigh*

More to come later...


BerengariaD said...

Tofino is amazing. Next time, go north from Nanaimo up to Campbell River, waving as you pass my old home, the Seadrift Resort, 10K before town, and then take the ferry to Quadra Island. Paradise.

Anonymous said...

Tofino has it all: accommodation for every budget, the beaches, the surfing, awesome restaurants and if you got an extra day - the hotsprings. getting whisked away to the wickaninnish inn - that's what i call a nice surprise getaway!

Anonymous said...

OoH! Alanis Morrisette stays at that hotel!