Friday, December 12, 2008

Let Your Answer Be Heard in Curve Magazine

Dipstick and I are taking our questions to the street. We recently received a question from a reader and we want your help. We'll be answering this question in the April issue of Curve and we want your input. Vote on the sidebar this weekend and let us know what you think. The poll closes on Monday, so get in your vote today!

<<<<<<----------------------- VOTE ON SIDEBAR POLL----------------------------------- Why do lesbians feel the need to be friend with their exes?

- It’s all about pheromones.
- Separation anxiety is too intense.
- They’re still sleeping together, at the least still spooning.
- It’s all about sharing the Subaru.
- It’s simple: plan B.
- Lesbians are programmed this way, for better or worse.
- Sappho the dog and/or Pussy the cat.


Anonymous said...

How about "The community the so small that if we don't stay friends we cut off a large portion of our community"


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