Thursday, December 18, 2008

Melissa's Blue Christmas

I love Meilssa Etheridge for so many reasons. And here is yet another. Melissa was on "The View" this week. She does so well talking about Prop 8 and articulating why civil rights should not be put up for a popular vote. And then Melissa called Elisabeth Hasselbeck to the table for misleading voters about how priests would be prosecuted if they refused to marry people. I love how Melissa can make her point with a smile on her face. And then get up and sing such a lovely rendition of "Blue Christmas."

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Salty said...

Hi. I don't watch The View but I did the day Melissa was on it. Did you notice that Melissa basically ignored Hasselbeck when she first came out. But Hasselbeck touched Melissa after she sang. People always want to touch her. But we know how that goes don't we - wink. I think it's awful that heterosexuals won't really discuss the gay issue with gays. (No longer than 10 minutes or less anyway.) Hasselbeck tried to outtalk Melissa and when Melissa wouldn't back down, she was cut off. They were actually discussing something important but the show acted like they had to stick to the planned format of having Melissa sing. They should have let the woman speak.