Friday, December 12, 2008

Coming Soon :: The Lipstick & Dipstick Show Webisode #1

This is a project we've had in the works for some time, but we're getting close uploading our first webisode to Curve's website. You'll also get them here on our blog.

In our first webisode (also know as a vlog), Lipstick & Dipstick will be helping Rainbow Closet Girl, pictured here in our initial sit-down with her. You'll have to wait and find out what her problem is and why she contacted Lipstick & Disptick for help, but it will surely entertain and maybe teach you a thing or two. (And yes, that's a bible on my lap.)

We had so much fun shooting our first webisode this week. Special thanks go out to Diane and Jake Anderson-Minshall for camera-work and all around inspiration.

This is a still shot of our show, clicking on it won't get you anywhere.

Stay tuned for more soon....

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