Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rose City Snow Day

Oh I love Portland when it snows. Since snow is kind of a novelty here, everyone gets so excited about it. Seriously, it’s all people talked about for days. And forget trying to find out any news on TV. Nothing else in the world matters as “Live Team Coverage” takes over. Seriously, there was a dusting on my porch this morning and when I turned on the TV, all news staff was dedicated to “Artic Blast” with a special graphic and reporters dispatched to all parts of the city, just to tell us everything was clear.

I’m not cynical. I love the snow. And eventually it did start falling. My dogs love the snow too, Alaskan Malamutes that they are. Rocky and I walked to New Seasons twice today. When you have a snow dog and it’s snowing out, everyone has to make some kind of comment. But I’m nice. I just laugh and pretend like it’s the first time today I’ve heard, “This is his kind of day, huh?” Because it is. And we’re all out enjoying it. Here are some pics from Portland’s snow day.

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