Monday, March 30, 2009

The Heat is On

Dipstick, while you're over there watching your womens b-ball (go Devils!), I'm up here in Vancouver finishing the final touches of a novel I've been working on since the beginning of time (when God used his wand or when there was a big explosion, whichever--if either--is true).

I've written about my novel here before, back when I was looking for an agent, but now I am like 48 hours from finishing these final revisions.

My agent, Holly Bemiss, has probably given up on me at this point, as the last draft I sent her was over a year ago. Since then, however, I've been like a gold miner, blasting huge sticks of dynamite to get rid of things and create new material, and skillfully (hopefully) using my little pick to clear away the debris around the sparkling veins throughout the story. I hope I've succeeded.

So, I'll keep you posted here as this unfolds for me. I'm anxious to see where she'll place the novel and when it will be available. Its working title is Jukebox and it's a coming of age love story about two debutantes who fall in love.

Stay tuned. There will be much more to come soon!

Psst: I'm in pre-production on the film, too.

* This image is NOT the cover of the book.

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Sara Jane Keskula said...

lipstick! i am so excited about your book + can not wait to finally read it. + meg + i really want to work on your film!! we're even willing to move to canada to be a part of lipstick enterprises. i can't wait to catch up soon. love, sj :D