Thursday, March 5, 2009

Katie Hearts Us and We Heart Katie

This came in today's email. We love hearing from you. Especially when you say stuff like this: 
I feel so drawn to write to you today, though I am not in a crazy, cuntliciously infused predicament at the moment. I devoured your book about a month ago and have started reading it again. You have absolutely NO idea how much your book saved me and made me laugh my ass off. I have been in the most important, earth-shaking relationship of my life for three years. She is quite a bit older, and we have had some rough hills and valleys, but I cannot imagine being able to live, see, or breathe without this woman. Now I am not newly infatuated with the lesbian life, I have known about my beautiful gay self since I messed around with girls in middle school. (Being a femme, people do not suspect such promiscuity so early). I live in a horribly stifled town in the south that is killing me. There is no gay community and I often times feel suffocated. So, I felt the need to write you and express to you that I feel closer to you than anyone I work with, see everyday in my community. Though we have never met, you two GET me and HEAR me more than this whole town could! You do not know how much this moves me! I fiercely thank you, Lipstick and Dipstick!

Hang in there Katie! We've got your back.

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Alana Noel Voth said...

Awesome letter. :-)