Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From the Juno Awards Trenches

The Juno Awards happened here last night in Vancouver BC and they are all the local media is talking about this morning.

I'm not sure if they air the Junos (which are the Canadian equivalent to the Grammy's) down in the states, but we watched it last night and Sarah McLachlan shined!

Our dear friend, Jenny, scored tickets to the dinner and chatted with her briefly. Check out this amazing photo. Look how hot they both are! Two single women out on a rainy night... imagine the possibilities.

When I heard they met, I assumed they probably really hit it off, as it's one of the world's biggest wonders that they're both single! The woman who lands Jenny is going to be one lucky biatch. Of course, she'll have to get through Lipstick first, which--for all intensive purposes--is harder than getting through the older brother.


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