Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dipstick Earns Some Cred

Sorry we've been so lax about blogging for the last week or so; Dip and I have been busy and resting since our trip to the University of Wisconsin. It was quite a whirlwind, too. We flew into a very stormy Chicago-O'hare (we were delayed) and arrived just in time to eat dinner and crash. The next day, even though we left with plenty of time to spare, we had a super fun time with a flat tire on one of Illinois' Tollways. Dipstick and I changed the tire ourselves after the tow truck arrived (yeah, long story as to WHY the tobacco-spitting driver couldn't help us! It will be a vlog on Curve's website). I have to say, Dipstick did quite a good job (with Lipstick's help in a skirt and knee-high boots). It was minus 20.

Here is photographic proof Dipstick is actually "all that" as it relates to cars. Way to go Dip!

The super duper Ana--with the LGBTQSTXYNEBS Center--greeted us with only a few moments to spare and Dip and I pulled it off, despite the oil under our nails (which suited Dip well, but not this femme). The students were fantastic on the Parkside campus and we give them all a shout out!

The nun who came was especially intriguing. Dip, being the Catholic, do you think you could blog about that? She was very sweet and had us sign a religious Requiem music book (?).

You already heard about the icing on the cake, which was actually a good thing this time--our favorite flight attendant Erin (from an unnamed airline). Thanks again Erin! Hope to cross paths with you again.

And thanks again Ana, Kim, Richard, David, Beth and our favorite straight ally Terri!

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Andy: Not Messing Around Anymore said...

ahaha, that happened to me the other day, when I had very little time to deal with it, and on top of it all, I was doing this "pregnancy simulation" thing, so I was carrying an extra 40 pounds with this huge belly trying to change a tire on my Ford Probe. I taught the consruction guy a thing or two. way to go, you two.