Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dyke Tees

I was just working on our most recent column--which is Curve's fashion issue for later this summer--and was wracking my brain to come up with my top five fashions or accessories. Dipstick's were about as Dipstick as they come: a peace necklace, an army hat, a vintage boy vest. No surprises, right?

Mine are still coming to shape (there are just too many to choose from!), but one thing that was definitely on my list were Dyke Tees. I love this uber cool line of shirts and it's not only because my dear friend, creative storm Stacy Bias, started it, but also because I think they're so cuttingly clever. And it's kind of hard to make me smile when it comes to stuff like this.

As I was cruising their new and improved site this morning, I realized I'd never written about it so I thought I'd share it with ya'll this morning. I posted pics of a few that gave me an extra tickle. (Mom and Nana, the "My Humps" below as for you.)

PS: She just started her own web hosting company, too, which is 100% green web hosting. They do web design, too! Check it out here: www.taproothosting.com

*photos by Kina Williams, Rebecca Bateman, and Lydia Daniller.

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