Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Cute Girl We Love: Garrison Starr

My gay boyfriend Jonathan is really a lesbian. He’s a therapist, is in a monogamous relationship (and even complained to me once of lesbian bed death) and he loves lesbian music. I won’t tell you about the night we waited in the rain for hours for the Indigo Girls to come out to their tour bus. But I will tell you about his FAVORITE singer of all time. (Well, maybe behind Justin Timberlake, he is a little gay..) Garrison Starr.

Jonathan first saw Garrison Starr when she opened for Melissa Etheridge. Yeah, I saw her there too and I had to agree with Jonathan she is pretty darn cute and pretty darn talented. So when he heard she was coming to town, he practically jumped out of his chair when I said I would go with him. He was dying to hear her new album, but held off buying it so he could get her to sign it at the concert.

She played at a Borders bookstore, which was kind of weird, after seeing her perform with Melissa Etheridge and Melissa Ferrick. Especially when people walked right up behind her to browse the DVD selections.

But we had a great time. She's so talented. Way too big for a downtown bookstore. But, Jonathan got his CD autographed and got to fawn over her a little. The Starr is quite a singer/songwriter. Check out this video of hers, directed by none other than Margaret Cho.

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