Thursday, May 1, 2008

East Coast Tour :: New York, New York II

LIPSTICK: Greetings again from the Big Apple! Dipstick and I spent the day like nomads, doing our own thing. In the morning, I went for a long run, which took me over the Brooklyn Bridge and along the waterfront by the piers.

DIPSTICK: I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on foot, too, headed to see my friend Furman for lunch.

LIPSTICK: Near the end of my run, I stopped at a hot dog stand and ate a sizzling weiner for breakfast. It was one of the best dogs I've had in a long time!

DIPSTICK: Furman is this amazing guy who runs a school, Generation School that is a new model of education. I met him at his office and we got food at a deli and walked around Brooklyn Heights, a very cool neighborhood.

LIPSTICK: I headed to our subway stop here in the Financial District and took the W train to Times Square to hang out and write in the afternoon. So much crazy energy in that place!

DIPSTICK: I went to the offices in the West Village to meet some of my colleagues.

LIPSTICK: I met Dipstick and Ramon for pedicures late in the afternoon. It was Dipstick's first pedicure ever. Can you believe that? I snapped this picture of her (and her hairy legs) getting a clear coat in her polka dot flipflops. Classic.

DIPSTICK: I don't think I'll get a pedicure again. I don't see the appeal. Our reading last night at Oscar Wilde was a big success. The below pic is the only one that turned out, unfortunately. Many friends came last, including Kevin Fletcher (Double D's uncle), friends from, Lipstick's literary agent Holly and her girl Erin, Editor Don Weise, Furman and many others.

LIPSTICK: After the reading, we headed to the Cowgirl Hall of Fame in the West Village for margaritas and mexican food.

DIPSTICK: Whose idea was it to buy a pitcher of margaritas? We're both a bit groggy this morning. Today after visiting our publisher Alyson Books, we're heading to Boston for an event at PURE tomorrow night, 75 Warrenton St. 10pm.

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