Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Kyle Daggett Update 3

Kyle is no longer alone. Family has arrived in Nova Scotia. Photo is of Kyle with Grama Daggett and his dad, Jack.

Here is the email that just came in from a family member:

"Kyle had a procedure earlier to remove blood clots from his lungs which helped to get his oxygen levels back up. So that was a good thing. His head and arm were heavily wrapped. The left side of his face was slightly swollen and bruised but you could see that the bruising was already starting to go away. He said basically, he "still looked like Kyle" - Praise God!! However, he did get the fever back and they are doing testing to try to find out what his body is fighting - So please continue to pray for him."

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Laurie said...

Lip, I'm so glad he's doing better. You can hear that someone's fine but until you or someone you trust has "seen" it, you can't breathe that sigh of relief. I'll be keeping Kyle in my prayers.