Friday, May 9, 2008

Kyle Daggett Update 5

Finally, some good news! The swelling in Kyle's brain has gone down and his fever has broken! I understand that today, hopefully, they are going to start working on some of his wounds, specifically his arm, which is broken in several places. He's still in a coma, however, and they hope to move him to a military hospital in Bethesda, Maryland this weekend or early next week. Right now, he's still at a civilian hospital in Nova Scotia.

Please continue to think of Kyle and send healing energy.

Photo of Kyle and a fellow soldier. Not sure of his name.

Kyle's MySpace page.


Anonymous said...

The soldier in the picture is his best friend who is stationed in Italy. RJ Mann.

MSabol said...

RJ is Kyle's cousin as well as best friend. He is currently fighting in Afghanistan.