Friday, May 2, 2008

Lipstick's Family Needs Your Help :: Kyle Daggett

I just got word from my family that my cousin Kyle Daggett, who's been fighting in Iraq since January (his first deployment), has been seriously wounded.

Here's what I know and the details are still coming in: He and three other guys in his brigade were driving through Baghdad and drove over a roadside bomb. Kyle was the only one to survive in the Hummer and is now--after emergency surgery in Iraq--at a base in Germany, but still in a coma. He has massive head injuries and they don't know what's going to happen. He is such a fighter though and we all know he's giving it all he has. Before he went unconscious, he was able to call on the radio for help. Thank god.

If you pray or meditate or put energy into the universe in any way, my family and I would sure appreciate all the help we can get. Please keep him in your thoughts.

He's the first person I've known personally who's served over there and it's pretty surreal. It's strange, but I feel like I've suddenly been re-sensitized to what's going on in the world and all the suffering that's taking place, here and abroad. Even watching the news (hearing about things blowing up and people dying), reading about political posturing about the war and what's next in our "Fight Against Terror" [angry scowl]--I see it all so differently now. Suddenly it's very personal.

While I won't use this post to vent anti-war propaganda (beyond my quotational jab above), I'll say that--in addition to being very upset and deeply concerned about my cousin--I'm also very angry about it. He never should have been in harm's way.

He's an amazing man and is really, really proud to be serving our country. And that, today, I honor.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts are with you and your family. I'm sorry. I know what you're going through and it's horrible. Truly horrible.

Anonymous said...

It makes me truly sad to hear this. I do not know what to feel right now. I went to HighSchool with him and it feels like a dream. I am really not even sure what to say. Nothing said would seem remotely helpful. If there is anything I can do to help. Or if anything happens (will be hoping that it is he woken up) please email me. Or can IM me since I chose aim identity.
I will be praying for his recovery

Anonymous said...

I am Kyle's step-sister and I just thought I would clarify that it was acutally not a Hummer but a Stryke. And yes, there were three other men, but NO one died in the incident. Kyle has the worst injuries and we are praying for him. He will be coming to the US to a great hospital, tomorrow (we hope) so lets hope for the best!!
Thanks, just didnt want to get the info skewed because so many different people are telling the story.

Anonymous said...

** correction: Stryker :)

Lipstick said...

Thanks for clarifying the info! So glad to hear that no one else died. If any other info comes in, please post it here or send me an email at