Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kyle Daggett Update 4

We need massive prayers today. Kyle's brain is swelling and he is not doing well. In addition, he has a mysterioius fever that the doctors cannot pinpoint. He is still in Nova Scotia surrounded by family--his mom and step-father Colleen and Paul, Jack (his dad), Kendall (his sister), Megan (Kyle's girlfriend).

Please, please, please pray for Kyle.

(photo of Kendall and Kyle)


Mossie said...

Kyle and your family have been in my thoughts since you first posted about his injuries.

Will redouble thoughts and prayers today.

Kelly said...

I can't thank you enough for the updates on Kyle. Please keep them coming. Our family lived across the street from the Daggett's while Kyle was growing-up. He spent a lot of time, especially summers, with us. Playing computer games and swimming with my nephew Cameron and my younger brothers Jacob & Geoffrey. Our entire family loves him dearly. We are praying for him. Kyle is an amazing, kind, wonderful, caring, fun person and we look forward to seeing him when he comes home.

Anonymous said...

Kyle has every positive vibe I can muster.
Pete Daggett

LByers said...

Kyle - We have been praying for you, your family, your healthcare workers and the guys in your unit, and know that you are in great hands. May God give you the healing strength to get back to us soon. God Bless, Love Laura, Jack, Jacob & Geoff Byers

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to tell you this news but last night, May 14, 2008 Kyle passed away due to his injuries. I attend Kyle's old high school and his girlfriend, Megan, is my teacher. Sometimes in class Ms. Jacobson's phone would ring and it would be Kyle calling to just say that he was ok. So, In a way, my class got to know him through our teacher. We were all shocked to discover when it was announced at that Kyle had passed. My heart goes out to Ms. Jacobson and the entire Daggett family. Although I never knew Kyle, I know that he was well loved and cared for and that he died a hero. He will really be missed.


Anonymous said...

Ride the Spiral! I hope you've found peace.

Adam Lake

Anonymous said...

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