Saturday, May 3, 2008

East Coast Tour :: NYC + Boston

Hello from the book tour trenches! Like Dip said yesterday, we had a fun night (too many margs for her) the night of our reading at Oscar Wilde. I attached a couple pics. One of the brave souls was literary agent Holly Bemiss, who's agree to represent me and my novel I'm currently finishing (done soon). Pic to right.

As Dip said, we spent half the day in NYC on Thursday. I snapped this picture of Dip as we sailed by Lady Liberty (click to make larger). We also snapped a shot from the night before from the balcony of where we stayed down in the Financial District. It was an amazing view! Loved the Brooklyn Bridge lights.

With sleepy eyes (yes, I did almost doze off a couple times, but *did* pull over for the butch to drive), we drove through Connecticut to Boston. It was long, but really beautiful. We found three more artists we can listen to in the car: Eva Cassidy, Toni Childs and Tracy Chapman. Hallelujah it's opening up for us! God love ME, but if I have to listen to "Keep it Precious" one more time...

Once in Boston, Dipstick2's girlfriend Meg (btw, Dipstick2 is Kathy's twin sister pictured below) and I went to Club Cafe for ladies night and dinner.

Then yesterday, while Dipstick laid around nursing her margarita hangover, Lipstick headed to the city. From where we're staying in Jamaica Plain, it's about six stops on the T Orange Line to State Street where I jumped off. I spent the day shopping around at Faneuil Hall Marketplace and the North End. I also walked part of the Freedom Trail downtown.

After a nice long run around Jamaica Plain and around Jamaica Pond, Meg and I grabbed dinner at Delfino's. Dipstick1 + Dipstick2 drove out to Timbuktu to see their brothers for dinner. I had an AMAZING dinner at Delfino's in Roslindale (a nearby Boston neighborhood). Ricotta Gnocchi with Italian sausage in a plum cherry red sauce. Reggiano was shaved in generous portion on top. Yuh-ummm! Also, Meg has been an amazing host. Her house, which was build in 1835, is like a perfectly manicured B & B. Her home is also--in typical lesbian fashion--populated by a stable of animals. One-eyed cat Edie (pictured here), Jack, Chester (as old as the hills) and her dog Bella.

At last, we met the Dipsticks at the Boston lesbo dance party in the theater district. The club was called the Pearl and the party was called PURE. About 400 women showed up and danced the night away. Dip and I greeted the crowd and talked about our book. We also signed many copies and met some east coast fans. Thanks to Beth (pictured here with us and the go go dancers) and all those who showed up. The Dipsticks + Meg had some old friends in tow, including Constance, Marco, Melissa and Sarah.

We're off to Northampton this morning for Pride. If you're in the area, we'll be on the main stage at 1:45pm.

Come say hi!

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