Sunday, May 4, 2008

East Coast Tour :: Northampton, MA

LIPSTICK: Ciao from Lesbianville, USA.

DIPSTICK: Where the coffee is strong and so are the women! What a fun pride yesterday in downtown Northampton, huh Lip?

LIPSTICK: Superfun. We barely made it from Boston, however. We got a late start from Meg's B & B and sped down the Massachusetts's Turnpike.

DIPSTICK: We made it with about thirty minutes to spare and had to get dressed in a parking lot. Lipstick was not happy.

LIPSTICK: It's true, I wasn't happy. First of all, there's no outlet in the car for my curling iron and the fat man walking by while I changed my bra from white to black enjoyed the free show. I told him to beat it. Not literally, of course. Eww.

DIPSTICK: Once we took the stage, however, things were just fine. We hit all our jokes and were as smooth as Lipstick's feet after her pedicure or after her Brazilian wax.

LIPSTICK: Woa. Lipstick doesn't get on hands and knees for anyone. Well, that's not true, but certainly not a esthetician with a stick of hot wax.

After our time on stage, we met a ton of readers and fans and sold a bunch of books. About thirty minutes after us, Rachel Maddow took the stage and razzed up the crowd. She was super sweet. See photo of L & D with butch with big glasses. She does a daily show on Air America.

DIPSTICK: One of my personal highlights was chatting with singer/songwriter Kirsten Price. See photo below of her in a chair. She was struggling in her booth, trying to hang some t-shirts. Luckily this butch ventured by at just the right moment and offered her some help. I brought her two hangers.

LIPSTICK: Wow Dipstick, that's SO butch. One of the bright spots in my day was Lord Russ as "Queen Elvis." If you closed your eyes while Queen Elvis sang, you'd think they were playing Elvis records. But when you opened your eyes, you could hear Elvis rolling over in his grave. While this androgynously fabulous dude did spot-on Elvis vocally, he was dressed in a pair of black panties and brassier, loaded with garter belt and sexy hose. The picture is shoddy, but it's all we have. Rock on E!

DIPSTICK: We've got a reading here in NoHo today at 1pm at the Pride and Joy books downtown.

LIPSTICK: Come out, come out wherever you are and join us!

Pride & Joy Books
20 Crafts Avenue
North Hampton
, MA

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