Saturday, August 23, 2008

Arizona Posse Reunion I

Having a blast in Arizona already! I’m in Scottsdale (I grew up here) for the soon-to-be infamous Posse Reunion with my old friends. Some of these beavers I’ve known for over thirty years! That’s a very long time. Many of us went to Kindergarten or grade school together and the others, who I guess would be considered “new friends”, I met in junior high. And we’re still the very best of friends even though many miles separate some of us (me!).

After having breakfast with my ex-boyfriend from high school (seriously!), I picked up Gwen (brunette) from the airport. She flew in from Austin. Gwen and I stayed with Melanie, aka Melina (prego blondie), last night and had a blast. After lying by the pool all afternoon, we went to Sapporo for some tepanyaki and laid low in preparation for today.

Off to meet the beaves for a day at the pool (there is a lazy river where we’re staying) and a night of debauchery…

PS: It was 113 here yesterday! No joke.

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